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Enjoy Your Grips!

The grip is the key connection between you and your clubs. While there are many adjustments you can make in golf, let us make choosing the right grip easy and comfortable for you.

Swing confidently with the most welcoming grips available. The Friendly model, by Tour Edition, offers a sturdy base for a secure grip, along with a luxurious top layer that is gentle on your hands.

Golf can be challenging, but with our new Friendly grip models by Tour Edition, you can focus on enjoying your swing.


Our Products

TEG3 - Friendly TAN

US$ 8.99

TEG3 - Friendly GREY

US$ 8.99

TEG3 - Friendly BLACK

US$ 8.99


US$ 8.99

Why Tour Edition Grips?

1.Luxury Feel

Crafted using a unique technique to offer a luxurious touch, yet ensuring a firm hold with our sturdy base. Our aim is for you to enjoy your swing, without compromising on quality or functionality.

2. Long Lasting

Our grips provide a perfect balance between durability and feel, eliminating the need for any sacrifices. The surface of our grip can be easily cleaned with a wet towel, ensuring a long-lasting experience.

3. Classic Look - Made In The USA

These grips are offered in four timeless shades - Tan, Black, Grey, and Powder Grey. Their appearance perfectly matches the comfort they provide. Crafted in Long Island, New York, these grips are meticulously manufactured to ensure consistent weight and quality standards.

Why Tour Editon

- Size Standard = .600 Round

- Standard Taper Profile

- 45.5 Gram Weight

Care Instructions

1. Tour Edition Grips offer comfort and durability.

2. Clean with mild soapy water and a soft scrub brush.

3. Rinse grips and pat dry with a towel.

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